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Testing Requirements in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania requires assessments of all candidates in basic skills, general knowledge, professional knowledge and subject area knowledge before a certificate may be issued to an applicant. In this section, you will find the most current information on the test rules, the specific tests required for certification, minimum scores for passing, alternative methods of scoring, advice on preparing for the tests and links to register. Links are also provided at the end of this page to the Student Teacher Assessment information and forms.

Attention Candidates for Certification in:
  • Cooperative Education (test code 0811)
  • Environmental Education (test code 0831)
  • Safety/Driver Education (test code 0860)
  • Social Science (test code 0951)

ETS notified the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) in December 2013 that the last Praxis examination in the areas listed above will be given in June 2014. PDE encourages you to take these assessments now if you wish to secure certification in the future. Certification will not be issued to anyone who has not passed an assessment. PDE cannot guarantee that a replacement assessment will become available. Any future developments/news will be posted in this area.

  • Communications (test code 0800) is also discontinued in June 2014. Candidates may take Speech Communication: Content Knowledge (5221) assessment in its place, effective July 1, 2014.
Student Teacher Assessment Forms

Form PDE-430: Student Teacher Assessment